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Nedelle Torrisi. Info about my music can be found here, and love advice posted every Monday. You can ask questions anonymously with the "ask anything" button, or write longer questions to

Good Weekend

Singing tomorrow (Fri June 1) with Nite Jewel at a concert called “Krautrock Classics” at the Henry Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles. They are covering Kraftwerk’s “Computer World.”

Also will be set up with a booth at the Hester Street Fair all day Saturday 6/2 giving love advice!

Finally, Advance Base (Owen from Casiotone from the Painfully Alone) Nicholas Krgovich (No Kids, Mt. Eerie) and Paradise will be playing a show at The Church of the Angels on Saturday, 6/2. Show starts 9pm. 1100 Avenue 64 in Pasadena.

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