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Anonymous asked: I just moved into a new apartment two months ago. I gave greeting cards to my neighbors, who are basically really cool peeps and they all have cats and dogs because the management does not charge a pet fee. Some of them suggested I get a dog because not only are dogs awesome but having one would force me to go out on walks and be social and meet other dog owners. But I am a cat person at heart, having lived with cats all my live. (Never had a dog.) So I was wondering, what would Nedelle do?



There are so many things to consider. Do you have the time to own a dog? They’re much more needy than cats. If you travel it can be tricky. Also, some people think small dogs need less walking, but they actually need more because they have more energy than large dogs.

Where do you live? In Los Angeles there are busy streets and coyotes. Much potential for animal danger if you have an outdoor cat.

Do you REALLY wanna know fellow dog owners?

Though I have to say, when I owned a gorgeous husky/german shepherd growing up, I had all sorts of game because of her. But I didn’t really need it for the majority of those years, seeing I was in my prepubescent years.

If you know you’re a cat person, I’d say go with your gut and get a cat. You can always get a dog later.

I say all this with the caveat that I have TERRIBLE pet luck. So you probably don’t want my advice on this matter anyway ….

— 1 year ago